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General Advantages and Disadvantages of Trust Structure



         -  Flexibility and easy income and capital distribution

          - Tax planning can be done in a more flexible way

          - Small business concessions access

          - The 50% CGT discount is available

          - Can provide asset protection against bankruptcy and or creditors with a corporate trustee

          - Simple to wind up

          - Can pay salaries and wages

          - Can pay superannuation countributions for principals

          - Succession planning is possible with a corporate trustee


          - Distributions must be in accordance to the Truest Deed and Trustees' Resolutions

          - There is a risk of resettlement when beneficiaries added

          - Losses cannot be distributed

          - Complex to understand the concepts of ‘trust’ which is basically a property

          - More costly than individual or partnership to operate

          - Trustees can be personally liable for some debts of the trust

           - ATO can treat trust as anti-avoidance attempt if setup only for tax advantages



          - Significant individuals and CGT concessions to unit holders

          - Easy to introduce new equity partners by issuing new units

          - Less regulations than a company

          - Interests are fixed

          - Asset protection through use of a corporate trustee

          -  Simple to wind up


          - Sale of units can trigger a CGT event and attract stamp duty

          - Not flexible with profit distributions as discretionary trusts

          - May not be able to make family trust election

          - Trustees can be personally liable for some debts of the trust

       There is also a third kind of trust called Hybrid Trust which can have some features of a discretionary trust and some of a unit trust.


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